The Power of the Pupil: Adding Pupil Measures to your Eye Tracking Research





eye tracking

Eye tracking is a tool that uses the science of eye movements to help researchers understand a broad portfolio of visual, perceptual, and cognitive processes. But as productive as the technique has become, there are some phenomena that are not definitively investigated by gaze behavior alone. Preference, emotion, and mental workload are examples of research interests that benefit from measures that strengthen or extend the capability of eye tracking – like those of the pupil.

In addition to gaze, Tobii Pro eye trackers also report pupil diameter. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How pupil response is a powerful physiological indicator of affect and cognitive workload
  • Applications where gaze and pupil measures work together
  • How you can access and apply pupil response measures in your research

Can't attend live? We'll send a recording of the webinar to all registrants afterwards.