Unlock Your New Superpower: Add Eye Tracking to Your Mobile Device Research


A positive mobile experience is paramount for end users to navigate your website or app. But how do you ensure that your customers are seeing what you want them to?

In this webinar, one of our Tobii Pro experts, Keith Bartels, will showcase the insights you can gain by adding eye tracking technology to your mobile UX toolkit. You will explore practical case studies that answer common mobile design questions, such as:

  • How can I understand if my app is user friendly?
  • How do I measure and compare our old mobile site with a new version?
  • How can I tell if our mobile advertisements are really being seen?
  • How do I understand how users naturally interact with our device/app in their home?

After this webinar you'll be inspired to take your research and understanding of the user experience to the next level.

Empower yourself with eye tracking superpowers to drive your SUCCESS.






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About the Speaker:

Keith Headshot

Keith Bartels is the West Coast Account Manager for market research and usability clients with Tobii Pro USA. Mr. Bartels has 5 years of experience within eye-tracking, across a range of different areas of commercial fields.

He has presented at many leading technology companies across San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.  His expertise is in wearable eye tracking, focusing on mobile device UX and in-vehicle research.