VR Days 2018


Looking forward to show off our VR and eye tracking solutions in Amsterdam! 



Amsterdam, the Netherlands

VR Days will once again be the place where everybody in VR and AR meet, where new partnerships are forged and creative work is initiated. Of course, we cannot miss it!

This year we are invited to host two presentations at the Training and Productivity Summit and the Retail Session, where Mattias Berglund, the Global Product Manager for VR within Tobii Pro, will discuss how eye tracking in VR helps to improve training across industries and enables brands and retailers to make better business decisions. 

At our booth A34 you will be able to test our solutions and discuss how this combination of technologies can benefit your business or research. Apart from VR, you will have a chance to test how eye tracking is used in the real world with Tobii Pro Glasses 2, a wearable eye tracker.

Let us know if you want to join the VR days exhibition for free! Submit this application below and we will send you a free registration code.