Sport & Performance Research User Meeting

Join us for this onsite user meeting in sports and performance at London South Bank University.



London South Bank University



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Event description

Eye tracking is a tool and a method for capturing visual attention and revealing insights about human performance. The methodology enables you to get inside an athlete’s mindset, understand their perception, and how it affects their behavior. Take your sports and performance research, or day-to-day practice, to the next level.

Influence how your sports training evolves with Tobii Pro Glasses 3. Leverage its valuable insights and see the similarities and differences between professional athletes and trainees. Data-based analysis for both trainer and trainee on the impact of technique adjustments.

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10.30 | Reception and coffee

10.40 | What is eye tracking and how it works | Andreu Oliver Moreno, Tobii Pro

10.50 | Eye tracking in basketball shooting | Dr. Rita de Oliveira

11.30 | My experience with eye tracking in its history, using it as a tool to enhance decision-making training | Dr. Lee Waters

12.10 | A success story: Research and day to day practice, eye tracking as a tool in Sports | Dr. Zöe Wimshurst

13.00 | Complimentary lunch

14.00 | Sample data acquisition and field experience with Glasses 3

14.45 | Data analysis examples with Tobii Pro Lab 

15.00 | End of session

The speakers


Andreu Oliver Moreno, Ph.D., Account Manager Tobii Pro

Moreno, is an account manager at Tobii Pro, covering the UK and Ireland. Moreno has a background in cognitive psychology and has been working in the field of eye tracking for over a decade. He earned his Ph.D. in attention distribution and information processing, specializing in the integration of eye tracking and other measures such as EEG and psychophysiological data, as well as the use of eye tracking as an early diagnostic tool for autism spectrum disorders.


Tobii pro-webinar-speakers-Rita-de-Oliveira

Rita de Oliveira Ph.D - Associate Professor Sport and Exercise Science

De Oliveira is an Associate Professor in the School of Applied Sciences. She joined LSBU in 2011, having previously worked as a researcher of Psychology and Human Movement Science at the Royal Holloway University of London, the German Sport University, and the VU University Amsterdam. De Oliveira teaches Perception and Action to Sport Science students. She’s particularly interested in visual perception for basketball shooting from theoretical and practical perspectives


Zöe Wimshurst, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., CPsychol – Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Wimshurst is a senior lecturer in Psychology, and course leader for the B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology and B.Sc. (Hons) Sport and Exercise Psychology courses at AECC University College, Bournemouth (England). Wimshurst is a sports vision coach, currently consulting with elite athletes in a range of sports including football, rugby, golf, and motor racing. Wimshurst is an active researcher with projects ongoing in the areas of eye tracking in sport, concussion management, and improving performance by training the visual system.


Lee Waters BSc, MSc, SFHEA

Waters is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Primary Practitioner in Rational Emotive Behvaiour Therapy and Consultant.
For the last 15 years Waters has worked in Further Education, Higher Education and applied settings developing strategies for students and athletes to further understand decision making processes. Throughout this time Waters has worked in Archery, Waterpolo, Football, Cricket, Rugby and Taekwondo with all ranges of ability from beginners to international athletes.
At present Waters is completing his PhD Sport and Exercise Psychology which is investigating the underlying mechanisms of decision making using eye tracker technology and reflective techniques.