Tobii Pro Webinar: Face Perception in Infants and Children


In this one hour free webinar, we will focus on the research that examining infants’ perceptual abilities.






Across their first year of life, infants' perceptual abilities become more fine-tuned based on their experiences. This presentation features studies conducted at the Cognition Development Lab at James Madison University in Virginia that explore this tuning in response to one of the earliest and most persistent visual stimuli they experience. Specifically, the research that is the focus of this seminar examines the extent to which infants' attention is captured by faces with which they are familiar (e.g., human) as compared to those with which they are less familiar (e.g., animal).

About the Instructors:

This webinar will be hosted by Wilkey Wong, Director of Knowledge Services for Tobii Pro, and presented by Krisztina V. Jakobsen, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at James Madison University. Professor Jakobsen studies social cognition in infants and young children and effective teaching methods.