SRCD Pre-Conference: Eye Tracking in Infant Goal-Directed Behaviors

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Webinar description

In recent years, head-mounted eye-tracking has grown as the promising technology for pairing vision with live actions. However, head-mounted eye-tracking can be challenging to use with young infants depending on the task and accuracy demands of the research questions.

In this presentation, Dr. Daniela Corbetta will discuss varied ways her lab has been using remote eye-tracking in conjunction with goal-directed actions with infants aged between 2.5 and 24 months. The eye tracker is able to obtain good eye-tracking accuracy, so she can use the technology with infants as young as 2.5 months of age, and without the need to instrument infants with head gears. The technique she uses won’t be applicable to researchers interested in tracking vision during locomotion, but for more sedentary tasks such as reaching, it offers an effective tool allowing good mapping between vision and action.

Event speaker

Tobii Pro event speaker Daniela Corbetta PhD.

Daniela Corbetta, Ph.D. obtained her Ph.D. in developmental psychology at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. She came to the USA shortly after to do a postdoc with Dr. Esther Thelen at Indiana University. She has been holding faculty positions at Purdue University for 10 years and currently is at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Dr. Corbetta is an expert in infant perceptual-motor development.