Solutions for multimodal research from Tobii Pro – integrating eye tracking with EEG and biometric data sources

Webinar Biometrics

This webinar aims to give you an overview of Tobii Pro’s different solutions for the co-registration of eye tracking data with EEG and biometric data.







Eye tracking is a valuable tool to answer questions about visual behavior and basic attentional processes. There are, however, aspects of perception and experience that are more elusive to capture in gaze behavior alone. Adding an additional data stream to eye tracking provides more dimensions of information while supporting richer and more nuanced findings.

This webinar will give you an overview of the different solutions from Tobii Pro for the co-registration of eye tracking data with EEG and biometric data streams. During the webinar, we will provide you some useful information to help you choose the best solution for your studies.


- Why do we want to combine eye tracking with other physiological data?

- Types of experiences and states measured by different biometric techniques

- Application examples

- Hardware and software solutions from Tobii Pro (wearable and screen-based systems)

Audience and prerequisites

No prior knowledge or experience in eye tracking or related subjects is needed. The webinar is suitable both for people within academia as well as companies.

About the instructor

This webinar will be moderated by Estefanía Domínguez-Martínez, Biometrics and Eye tracking Specialist, at Tobii Pro in Stockholm, Sweden.

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