Topic: Dual Subject Eye Tracking During Live Interactive Tasks and Hyperscanning

Time: Monday, Jan 11th | 9 - 10 am EST 

Overview: Please join our webinar where Adam Noah, Ph.D, Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, will present his study: Dual Subject Eye Tracking in Interactive Tasks.

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have shown atypical neural responses and visual behaviors when viewing photographs of human faces compared to typically developing individuals.  The translation of these differences in real, face-to-face conditions is unknown. To understand this relationship we developed multimodal recording techniques. This project combines two-subject eye tracking and neural hyperscanning techniques to investigate neural activity during eye-to-eye contact.

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J. Adam Noah, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, is a research faculty member of the Brain Function Laboratory at the Yale School of Medicine. Adam is experienced in computational systems as well as recording and analysis techniques related to multimodal imaging of functional near-infrared spectroscopy, eye tracking, electroencephalography, and their application to clinical and basic neuroscience research.

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