Package Testing with a "System 1" Approach: Eye Tracking + Metaphor Elicitation + Implicit Association


In this webinar, you will learn how you can use these advanced research tools described above to evaluate package effectiveness 






When deciding which product to buy, many influences play into the decision-making process. One especially important factor often occurs below the level of consciousness- that’s the packaging of a product. In a case study conducted by Protobrand and Tobii Pro Insight, we used webcam-based eye tracking cloud technology and the Meta4 Insight research platform to examine both attention and emotional reactions to two competing products. Please join us to discover how you can use these advanced research tools to evaluate package effectiveness in order to ensure that you go to market with a design that resonates and sticks out from the “pack.”


Mike Bartels, Research Director, Tobii Pro North America

Ryan Baum, VP of Research Design & Innovation, Protobrand

Irina Zilberman, Research Director, Protobrand

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