Quick Tech Topic: New Data Analysis Functions in Tobii Pro Lab

Webinar Tobii Pro Lab

This webinar is appropriate for all hands-on users of systems from Tobii Pro who are engaged in qualitative or quantitative gaze data analysis.






The capability to select and group portions of eye tracking recordings for targeted analysis is fundamental to analyzing gaze data studies. Tobii Pro Lab includes new workflow tools and concepts for the flexible and powerful aggregation of only those portions of the eye tracking data that the researcher wishes to generate metrics or visualizations. If you are new to eye tracking or moving up to Pro Lab from Tobii Pro Studio, this webinar will introduce the concepts of Intervals and Times of Interest, describe their use, and compare them with the Pro Studio functions, like Scenes and Segments.


This webinar is taught by Wilkey Wong, Director of Knowledge Services at Tobii Pro in Virginia, USA.


If you are unsure about the start time in your timezone you can use a tool such as the http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/  to convert the time into the the time in your location.


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