Mensch und Computer 2018


Come and join our workshop at Mensch und Computer! 



Dresden , Germany

Our team will be hosting a workshop using Tobii Pro VR Integration and Pro VR Analysis, an HTC Vive headset with integrated eye tracking and accompanying software - Eye Tracking in Virtual Reality and in the Real World. In this workshop we want to talk about virtual reality and how eye tracking adds value to it. The need for VR applications is rapidly expanding across multiple industries as it allows us to move the real world into the virtual world. After discussing real-world and virtual reality eye-tracking solutions, you can try all the technologies presented and have a conversation with the Tobii Pro team about your research needs and project ideas in terms of eye tracking and VR solutions.

  • Primary language of the workshop will be German, but also suitable for English-speaking attendees.
  • Time: Monday September 3rd  4:00 - 5:30 pm 

Also stop by our booth (Monday-Tuesday) to try out our eye tracking solutions, including Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and Pro VR analysis.