Insights Tech Showcase 2022

Virtual event

The Insights Tech Showcase is a series of demos for brands, research investors, and industry leaders looking to learn more about the most innovative and promising technology solutions in consumer insights.




Tobii Pro: Eye Tracking - A Competitive Edge in the Quest for Consumer Insights

It’s no secret that understanding what the customer is thinking is a marketer’s primary mission. But how do you effectively measure the customer experience? Eye tracking empowers brands and marketing agencies to take their research to the next level with quantifiable visual data about consumer attention. These unique insights are invaluable to helping improve messaging, products, and experiences - especially now, as customers shift behavioral patterns and companies continue to adapt to the new normal. Join this session to step into the mind of your customer and: 

  • Learn how eye tracking delivers deep insights into consumer behavior, attention, and emotional impact
  • Hear how brands and agencies have benefited from implementing eye tracking
  • See how simple it is to add eye tracking to complement your traditional mix

Keith Bartels


Keith Bartels is the Senior Manager for the marketing research and usability team at Tobii Pro North America. Mr. Bartels has over 7 years of experience within eye tracking across a range of different areas of commercial fields. He has presented at many leading technology companies across San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. His expertise is in wearable eye tracking, focusing on mobile device UX, shopper research, and driver experience testing.