IIeX Behavior 2021

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IIEX Behavior 2021 is a free one-day virtual event organized by GreenBooks.

IIEX Behavior showcases how the best brands are applying behavioral science and implicit measurement. It also features how behavior change is driving brand equity, new product innovation, shopper marketing, and more.

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Our Session

Modern Eye Tracking Solutions

Because consumer attention is important to everything that happens in the marketplace, eye tracking is employed to answer an incredibly wide array of business questions. The technology has thus evolved with a focus on maximizing versatility. You can test qual or quant, in-lab or real-world, in-person or remote, pre-market or rolled-out, digital or physical. In this demo, we will feature the Tobii Pro Glasses 3 wearable eye tracker and the webcam-based Tobii Pro Sticky platform to highlight the ways in which eye tracking is a tool that fits in any toolbelt.


Mike Bartels
Mike Bartels is the Senior Research Director of the Insight team at Tobii Technology, Inc. in North America. Mr. Bartels has a master’s degree in experimental psychology and 12 years of experience within the field of eye-tracking research and attention measurement, across a range of different areas of commercial and academic fields.