Foundry Industry 4.0 Conference

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This conference focuses on how digital manufacturing is affecting all areas of the casting process today, and how this will change the foundry of the future. Key seminar topics are data collection and management, data-driven decision-making, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, wearable technology, robotics, automation, and cyber security, as well as the related issues of workforce development, recruiting, and training. The conference will include foundry case studies demonstrating how implementation of data collection, automation, and digital technologies have changed and improved operations today.






Our Session

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Tobii Pro is presenting a case study: Eye Tracking Glasses for Training Metal-Pourers at 2:30 PM CT | 3:30 PM EST, June 8th. 

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Our Speaker

Mike Bartels


Mike Bartels is the Senior Research Director of the Insight team at Tobii Technology, Inc. in North America. Mr. Bartels has a master’s degree in experimental psychology and 12 years of experience within the field of eye-tracking research and attention measurement, across a range of different areas of commercial and academic fields.