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Eye tracking enhances the study of information extraction and cognitive processes and is therefore an irreplaceable tool in science education research. The TU Kaiserslautern and the Charles University in Prague are hosting an online conference, which focuses on projects and studies that use eye tracking to elevate science education research. As a long-ranging goal, the meeting aims to establish a Special Interest Group (SIG) focusing on eye tracking within the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA).

Tobii Pro is excited to host the following presentations at the event, about our screen-based and wearable eye tracking solutions and how they can be used in different applications within education research.

Our presentations

Tobii Pro Research Scientist

April 12th - 4pm CET / 10am EST

Screen-based eye tracking


Dennis Triantafyllidis
Research Scientist

  • The basics of screen-based eye tracking
  • Tobii Pro (screen-based) hardware portfolio
  • Tobii Pro Lab software – overview of the relevant aspects


Product Manager Carsten Gondorf

April 13th - 5pm CET / 11am EST

Using Tobii Pro Lab for your screen-based eye tracking study

Carsten Gondorf
Global Product Manager, Tobii Pro Lab

  • Your experiment in Tobii Pro Lab: Walkthrough from design, record, inspect to analyzing your screen-based experiment.
  • With a particular focus on the just-released, new text stimulus feature, incl. relevant metrics and analysis example.
Tobii Pro Technical and Scientific Support Engineer

April 14th - 2:45pm CET / 8:45am EST

Wearable eye tracking

Kirill Novikov
Technical and Scientific Support Engineer

  • The basics of wearable eye tracking
  • Tobii Pro Glasses 3
  • Using Tobii Pro Lab to inspect and analyze your Pro Glasses 3 recordings

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