Tobii Pro Webinar: Eye Tracking in Neurocognitive Evaluation Studies of Children Affected by HIV


This presentation is part of our ongoing series of researcher spotlights.






In this webinar, Professor Michael Boivin, from Michigan State University, will share preliminary findings from two recently-published pilot studies with Ugandan children born to HIV-positive mothers in an impoverished rural setting in eastern Uganda- both using eye trackers from Tobii Pro.

One of the studies involved the use of eye tracking with a laptop computer to evaluate working memory in response to photographs of human faces, as part of an evaluation of developmental delay in infants and toddlers. In a separate study, eye tracking measures were used in an evaluation of vigilance attention in response to an animation video with preschool-age children.

From these pioneering preliminary studies, strategies are proposed as to how we might use eye tracking to enhance the neurocognitive evaluation of at-risk children in resource-constrained settings with an application for pediatric neurodevelopmental assessment in the context of global health risk and resilience.


Michael Boivin, PhD, MPH . Professor, Department of Psychiatry . Michigan State University


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