ECEM 2017


The European Conference on Eye Movements is the largest biannual scientific meeting on eye movement research worldwide. 



Wuppertal, Germany

The Tobii Pro team will be attending and exhibiting at the ECEM 2017. This year we will be demoing our new high-performance Tobii Pro Spectrum, the most unobtrusive mobile eye tracker - Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and a recently released seamless Tobii Pro VR Integration solution. Stop by our booth to try them out and discuss how our solutions can be incorporated in your research.

Activities in conjunction:

If you are interested in infant research and developmental research in general, do not miss a 'Workshop on Infant Eye-tracking' by Roy Hessels, Utrecht University, Netherlands. It will take place on Sunday, the 20th of August at the ECEM conference venue. Click here for more information about the workshop.

Apart from exhibiting at the conference, we will host a Tobii Pro User Meeting, taking place on Tuesday, the 22nd of August at 17:00 at the conference venue. In rather informal settings you will get a chance to learn more about eye tracking technology for research, discuss and share best practices with your peers, and get some tips on how to make the best use of your eye tracking equipment from Tobii Pro. 

If you have not registered for this meeting in the general ECEM registration form - please fill in the form below to secure your seat.