Driving Research to New Heights: Wearable Eye Tracking and Automotive Simulators






Webinar Description

Using Tobii Pro Glasses 3 wearable eye trackers while driving a car

Driving simulators provide a reproducible and low risk environment ideal for testing of automotive technologies. The focus of fka SV is to help their clients make technology safer through rigorous testing and validation. In his presentation, Christian will speak specifically about the advantages and challenges of using eye tracking devices in driving simulator studies and his experiences with the renowned Tobii Pro Glasses 3. He will show examples of relevant tasks used in combination with eye tracking and highlight how fka SV uses specific features of the Tobii Glasses to record highly accurate data in the complex technical setup that a simulator offers.

Christian Headshot


Christian Roth is CEO at fka SV, an automotive engineering and research firm in San Jose, California. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and business administration at RWTH Aachen in Germany, focusing on driver assistants systems, user studies and innovation management. Christian and his team of engineers and psychologists operate Silicon Valley’s only publicly accessible immersive driving simulator. Their investigative work range from product safety assessment in accordance with automotive guidelines (e.g. NHTSA) to fundamental research on user interfaces of automated vehicles (e.g. hand-over requests).