Data Visualization Methods In Eye Tracking Research

In this webinar, you will learn data visualization methods that will help to bring your eye tracking research to the new level.


It is a difficult challenge to develop algorithms to characterize scan paths (time-based order of eye fixations) or scan path sequences (scan paths expressed in enumerated types), especially when the spatial locations of targets or information blocks on the display dynamically move (e.g. an air traffic control radar display). In addition, the algorithms should convey meaningful results with respect to the purpose of the analysis and associated task types. This Researcher Spotlight Webinar will be introducing Dr. Ziho Kang's recently developed and/or adapted approaches to effectively characterize and visualize seemingly complex eye movements.

This webinar will be hosted by Wilkey Wong, the Director of Knowledge Services for Tobii Pro, and presented by Dr. Ziho Kang, an Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering at The University of Oklahoma. Dr. Kang's research objective is to characterize, model, and analyze human decision-making processes in order to understand human behavior and to inform the design of complex systems.