Connecting the dots — between eye movement and child cognition

This is a collaboration between University of Leipzig and Tobii Pro. The two-day conference will be hosted both online (day 1) and in-person (day 1 and 2).



University of Leipzig



About the conference

Take the opportunity to meet experts and researchers and learn how they have used eye tracking in their research. There will be an interesting line up of speakers, as well as a hands-on session with eye tracking technology, for both beginner and advanced users. Eye tracking gives accurate pupillometry data, enabling various fields of studies to leverage the connection between pupil dilation and cognitive function.

How to attend

The conference takes place at the University Leipzig, both day 1 and 2 are in-person. Day 1 can also be streamed online.

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Day 1

Assessing visual processing of information in children with social anxiety disorder in laboratory and natural settings
Julian Schmitz, Ph.D., University of Leipzig

Studying social cognition in great apes using eye-tracking methods
Marie Padberg

Studying object-related memory in infants: An overview about eye-tracking paradigms and data processing approaches 
Maleen Thiele

ProVisioNET – Professional Vision of Novice and Expert Teachers 
Mandy Klatt 

Theory of mind and anticipatory looking in infants 
Anna-Lena Tebbe

Cognitive reappraisal through the lens of eye tracking: Functions of language in children’s use of cognitive emotion regulation strategies
Nadia Khammous

Day 2

both for beginners and advanced eye tracking users

Poster session 
Would you like to participate in our poster session? Please send your abstract to for consideration.


More information can be expected closer to the event.