We'll help you get your proposal funded.

As a researcher, your success in securing valuable funds is vital for the progression of your research. Tobii Pro understands the complexity of the current funding climate when competing for those treasured awards. We are here to support you during this journey!

Now is the time to involve our experts, if eye tracking methodology might assist you with your upcoming research. Apply below to start the qualification process. Once your submission is reviewed, qualified applicants will receive notification of customized support services.

Program Benefits: (complimentary $1000 value for those who qualify)

  • 4 hours of customized support by a Senior Research Scientist at Tobii Pro
  • Areas of support include (but are not limited to):
    • Tailored Pro eye tracking references
    • Letter of support
    • Consultation of data analysis and interpretation
    • An individualized budget justification for Tobii Pro solutions
    • Feedback of the eye tracking components of the funding proposal

Want to learn more? Check out our free webinar recording of  "Setting Up for Success: How to Highlight Eye Tracking in your Research Proposal" here. 

“Funding Support Services by Tobii Pro was absolutely instrumental in helping me to obtain funding for my work on cognitive development.”

Koleen McCrink, Ph.D., Barnard College, NY