Setting up the HTC VIVE VR headset

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Learn how to setup your HTC VIVE headset and base stations

Before running the Pro VR Analytics or Pro Lab on your computer, check whether your computer is VR-ready by using the Steam VR Performance Test at:

An immersive VR experience calls for a computer that meets certain system requirements. However, replay and analysis put less stringent demands on your computer, mainly determined by the complexity of the analyzed environment, such as its size, shading and level of photorealism.

Make sure that your computer utilizes a high-performance power setting and that Tobii Pro software runs from the computer’s dedicated graphics card and not from its regular processor card. Headsets and external monitors must also be connected to the dedicated graphics card.

If your computer has trouble running an environment, check whether you can select a lower graphics setting for it at launch.


Setting Up the Headset 

In brief, this is how you get started:

  1. Click Tobii Core Software for VR to download the drivers required for running the VR eye tracker.
  2. Click Vive setup to download the VR setup guide software
  3. Run Vive Setup to install required software and follow prompts to configure the VIVE hardware.
  4. If not installed during the VIVE setup, click Steam to download and install Steam from the Steam website
  5. Start Steam.
  6. Set up Steam VR by clicking the VR icon in the user interface (watch the video tutorial below)
  7. Connect your Pro VR Integration headset according to the instructions in Steam VR and set up your base stations and hand controllers (watch the video tutorial below).

HTC provides a series of resources to help you install and set up the VIVE headset and base stations. Let's start by watching a video with the following setup steps.

  1. Pick Play Area
  2. Install Software
  3. Set up Vive system
  4. Room setup  

For more detailed setup instructions click on the following link (STEAM VR support website): 

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