Installing the Pro Nano eye tracker drivers

Learn how to install and update your Tobii Pro Nano eye tracker drivers.


The Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager application helps you install and configure your eye tracker and keep it updated with the latest eye tracking improvements and capabilities. In this next step, you will install the driver necessary to operate the eye tracker.


Eye Tracker Manager

For Tobii Pro Nano, every version of the driver is bundled with a corresponding firmware version. This means that when you install a driver on your computer and a Pro Nano is connected, it will also install the corresponding firmware version on the eye tracker.

This means that you can control the firmware on any Pro Nano unit simply by installing the desired driver and  connecting the eye tracker to the computer.

Installing the Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager and the eye tracker driver on the computer:

  1. Download the Pro Eye Tracker Manager (version 2.0 or newer) installer for Windows or Mac
  2. Run the Eye Tracker Manager installer. When the installation is completed the Eye Tracker Manager launches automatically.
  3. Connect the eye tracker to the computer´s USB 2.0 Type A port.
  4. In the Eye Tracker Manager click Install new eye tracker button.
  5. Click on the eye tracker picture to select it, then click the Install button. 
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions. At the end of this process, the Pro Nano eye tracker card is displayed in the Eye Tracker Manager (see image above). If the eye tracker card does not show up automatically, exit and restart the Eye Tracker Manager application. Sometimes this procedure might be necessary for the driver to be fully installed and visible in the application.
  7. Before moving to the next step, disconnect the eye tracker USB cable from the computer.

Updating the eye tracker driver and firmware

By installing the latest driver, you will automatically update the eye tracker with the latest improvements. Please note that you can always downgrade to earlier firmware versions through Eye Tracker Manager.

Updating the eye tracker driver:

  1. Open the Eye Tracker Manager.
  2. Make sure the eye tracker is connected via a USB port.
  3. Click on the eye tracker card. 
  4. Click on the Drivers & Firmware tab. 
  5. Under Drivers, select the newest one from the Drivers versions drop-down list, then click the Install button.
  6. Once the update is complete, select the eye tracker card and test the eye tracker.

The Pro Eye Tracker Manager can help you keep track of any updates available for your eye tracker.

Enabling or disabling update notifications:

  1. Open the Eye Tracker Manager.
  2. On the top menu click the downward arrow to open the Eye Tracker Manager settings.
  3. Under Notifications, enable or disable the following notifications: Eye Tracker Manager updates; Firmware updates; and Eye Tracker Driver updates.
  4. Close the menu when you are done by clicking on the arrow again.

To receive any update notification your computer must be connected to the internet.

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