Recording GSR data in Pro Lab with Shimmer3 GSR+

Tobii Pro Lab Shimmer GSR
Tobii Pro Spectrum Shimmer GSR

To record the Shimmer3 GSR+ device in Pro Lab, make sure that the device is paired to the computer running Pro Lab, and the GSR device card is added to the Recording module. Read how to do it by clicking the following link: Setting up Shimmer3 GSR+ with Pro Lab. When you have done this you are ready to start:

  1. Check that the GSR signal quality is appropriate , set up an eye tracker or any other biometric sensor that you will use during the recording.
  2. Click on Start recording to start the recording.
  3. When the recording in Pro Lab finishes, the Shimmer3 GSR+ device will continue streaming live GSR data while Pro Lab is in the Recording module. At this point, you can continue making more recordings or disconnect your Shimmer from Pro Lab.
  4. Any of the following actions will disconnect your Shimmer device from Pro Lab: (1) leaving the Recording module (2) removing the Shimmer GSR card and (3) closing Pro Lab. 
  5. Always disconnect your Shimmer device from Pro Lab before turning it off. 

Note: Do not press the orange main button of the Shimmer 3 GSR+ device at any time after turning the device on as this will start logging data into the SD card. If the upper led of the device blinks every second with a green light, press the orange button again to stop logging into the SD card.

For more specific information about the Shimmer3 GSR+ device, download the GSR+ unit specification sheet, the Shimmer3 User Manual or visit

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