Recording data with VR 360 stimuli in Pro Lab

Tobii Pro Lab Virtual Reality VR

This product is discontinued and no longer available. If you have any questions about this edition, please reach out to Customer Support.

If you have previously worked with Tobii Pro Lab screen based projects, VR 360 projects will feel similar. Both types of projects use a screen to present video and images as stimuli. The recording procedure will, however, be somewhat different due to the differences in the type of device used to present the simulus and collect eye tracking data. In this article we will go through the recording procedure using the VR headset (and eye tracker) and Pro Lab VR360 project type.   

Before starting a recording make sure to check the following,

To perform a recording: 

  1. Start Pro Lab and open your VR360 project.
  2. Open the Record module.
  3. Instruct the participant to put on the VR headset and adjust the straps.
  4. Make sure that the headset is correctly positioned by checking the track status in the VR Headset device card (Record module). The track status is supposed to be green and the white circles are supposed to be in the middle of the squares.
  5. If necessary, turn the knob on the headset to adjust the distance between the lenses, so that the circles in the track status are positioned in the middle of the squares (watch the video below).
  6. When the headset is positioned correctly and the track status is green, Select the desired Timeline for the recording.
  7. Choose an existing participant name or create a new participant by selecting the “+New” button.
  8. Enter the recording’s name in the “Recording name” field in the Recording section.
  9. Start the recording by clicking the “Start recording” button. 
  10. Pro Lab will start to display the stimuli in the order arranged in the timeline.
  11. To ensure good eye tracking data, the first stimulus in the timeline is a calibration stimulus. Instruct the participant with the headset to follow and focus on the calibration dot.
  12. When the calibration is completed, a message appears, saying either “Calibration succeeded” or “Calibration failed”. If the calibration failed, check that the headset is positioned correctly by using the track status, and then redo the calibration by restarting the recording.
  13. The recording ends until the last stimulus is presented, when terminated manually by the recording moderator. 

During a recording, the Pro Lab application window switches to the moderator view. This view displays the stimuli that the participant sees in the VR headset, and the gaze point, enabling the moderator to monitor the progress and quality of the recording. 

Adjusting your headset

Adjusting the lens distance on the headset.

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