The Tobii Pro hardware products have as a standard manufacturers guarantee for 2 year after delivery. The warranty ensures that the product meets the specifications during the agreement.

Tobii Pro will repair the equipment free of charge if it breaks (ex. fan, illuminator, video camera) when the equipment has been used in normal condition, as defined in product description.

The warranty does not cover any other faults/damages that may occur e.g. dropping the unit or other type of accidents as well as handling the unit in a careless manner, aka Warranty void. Tobii Care is an additional service to cover damages and theft. Contact Tobii Pro sales department for more information.

Client must always contact support in order to determine if a repair is required and to authorize RMA. Never send in an eye tracker prior to receiving an RMA number.

The Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the broken unit to Tobii Pro unless otherwise specifically agreed, and Tobii Pro will take the cost of returning the unit once repaired.

Tobii Pro aim is to repair hardware units within 10 working days. In event of urgency, client can ask for a loan unit and Tobii Pro will evaluate options for such a request.