• The Human Eye

    The aim of this page is to give a brief introduction to the human visual system, and to briefly explain how light is transformed into a visual percept. 

    Visual system Human eye Visual perception
  • Dark and bright pupil tracking

    On this page we will explain how dark and bright pupil eye tracking techniques work. 

    Eye tracking technique Pupil Hardware
  • Recording GSR data in Pro Lab with Shimmer3 GSR+

    Learn how to record GSR data from a Shimmer3 GSR+ device, with Tobii Pro Lab

    Tobii Pro Lab Shimmer GSR
  • Tobii Pro Studio walkthrough and main features

    Watch the video to learn the main features of Tobii Pro Studio and get a walkthrough of the entire workflow of the software.

    Tobii Pro Studio
  • Configuring the eye tracker with a "non-standard screen" or physical scene

    Learn how to configure your eye tracker with a "non-standard" screen or physical display area. 

    Tobii Pro X2-30 Tobii Pro X2-60 Tobii Pro X3-120 Tobii Pro TX300 Tobii Pro Spectrum
  • How to position the participant and the eye tracker

    Learn how to best position the participant and the eye tracker in a study involving a screen based eye tracker from Tobii Pro.

    Tobii Pro T60XL Tobii Pro TX300 Tobii Pro X2-30
  • Combining think aloud methods and eye tracking

    Learn about different think aloud methods suitable for usability testing and how these methods can be combined with eye tracking.

    Web usability Usability testing Retrospective Think Aloud
  • How does a GSR sensor work?

    Learn how a GSR sensor measures the sweat gland activity of our skin

    GSR Biometrics Emotion
  • GSR artifacts

    Learn about what different signal artifacts you can encounter on your GSR data

    GSR Biometrics Emotion
  • Emotional sweating

    The aim of this page is to give a brief introduction to how the sweat glands activity of our body is related to our emotional intensity level.

    Biometrics GSR Emotion