What are the long term effects of infrared illumination?

The IEC 62471 standard for products using LED tests for all possible eye damage, i.e., exposure of the cornea and the image on the retina, both peak power and average powers.

All of Tobii’s products have been tested and approved by the IEC 62471. This requirement applies to daily use, regardless of the distance between the eye-tracker and eye. During normal use, the margin is typically a factor of 100.

Strong infrared radiation in certain industry high-heat settings may be a hazard to the eyes, resulting in damage or blindness to the user. Since the radiation is invisible, special IR-proof goggles must be worn in such places.

Do Tobii Pro products follow the IEC 62471 standard for light emission?

Yes. Tobii eye tracking systems use near-infrared illumination to create reflections on the eyes that can be tracked with high accuracy. Read more