The Tobii Pro VR Integration environment is not positioned correctly. Can I change the position?

VR Integration Tobii Pro
a.    The participant can move around freely in your test space as defined by the ‘Play Area’ of your Vive HMD covered by the HTC Lighthouse transmitters (max. 5 meters apart).
b.    You can move the initial position of the participant by using the Vive or participant movement controller in the user interface to position the participant in the environment. It is recommended not to do this while the participant is wearing the Vive as it can cause nausea if they don’t control the environment themselves. A tip is to hold the headset in your hand and check the live view to establish a good position to start from.
c.    The initial orientation position of the environment is defined by how the Vive room setup is done and what is programmed in the environment (distance to shelf for example). Currently you cannot control orientation of the starting position, this means the desired position will need to be set whenever the environment is reset, for example when switching between replay and record mode. Once an environment is set up to fit a room it is therefore recommended to stay in Record mode until all sessions are recorded so the environment remains in the same position.