The date and time of my recordings with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 is wrong, how can I fix that?

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In some situations, the recording unit of Tobii Pro Glasses 2 can pick an incorrect local time, which can cause your recordings to get the wrong date and time.

There are two different scenarios that will cause the time to change:

  • The recording unit is connected directly to the internet (via Ethernet or Wifi to a router with internet access): it will try to access the closest NTP server and update to the local time within a few minutes.
  • The recording unit is connected to a computer running the Tobii Pro Glasses Controller:
    o If the time difference between the recording unit's date and the computer's date is very large (at least two years), the recording unit will update its local time to the computer's time.
    o If the recording unit's clock battery has been discharged (typically after two weeks without use or a battery inside), it will automatically update to the computer's time.