My computer cannot connect to the eye-tracker using Linux SDK

Tobii Pro SDK Tobii Pro
The Tobii Analytics SDK for Linux uses Avahi for locating eye trackers on the local network and connected using USB. Avahi basically provides the same functionality as Bonjour does on Windows. 
The core library depends on the following components, which means that they must be present in order to run any client applications: 
  • libssh2-1 
  • libavahi-client3 
The following components may also need to be installed, depending on the intended usage: 
  • libqtgui4, in order to run the Eye tracker browser and the C++/Qt sample application. 
  • qt4-dev-tools, in order to develop and build client applications using C++/Qt. 
  • python-dev, in order to run any Python applications. 
  • boost – downloaded, built, and installed as described in the README-boost.txt file. 
  • avahi-autoipd together with avahi-daemon with the following: sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon avahi-autoipd 
  • set "local link only" on the IPv4 configuration of your Network manager. More information here
NOTE: On some Ubuntu machines Avahi does not start when it detects a unicast DNS .local domain. However, sometimes this check for unicast DNS .local domains appears to give false-positives. In these cases a workaround is required in order to disable In order to disable the check for unicast .local domain, create the file: /etc/default/avahi-daemon with the contents AVAHI_DAEMON_DETECT_LOCAL=0, and then restart the avahi-daemon. 

The following eye trackers from Tobii Pro are compatible with the Pro SDK by default:

Note that the following discontinued products are also compatible with the Pro SDK:

  • Tobii T120
  • Tobii T60
  • Tobii X120
  • Tobii X60