How do I save and back up my Glasses 2 data from the SD card?

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Properly saving and backing up your data from the SD card is crucial to avoid corrupted recordings.

Follow these steps to correctly save and back up your Glasses 2 data:

1. Ending the recording:

  • To stop a recording, press the Stop button in Glasses 2 Controller.
  • Do not remove the SD card before the recording was stopped.
  • Do not remove the battery or switch off the recording unit to end the recording.
  • Do not keep your finger on the power button of the recording unit longer than 4 seconds (longer will initiate a hard reboot; files can be lost or corrupted).
  • Give the recording unit enough time to finish writing on the SD card (do not remove the SD card while Controller indicates saving is in progress).

2. Insert the SD card in the SD card reader of your Windows computer.

  • The SDHC File folder should open automatically.

3. Select ALL folder contents.

4. Copy and save ALL folder contents to your local hard drive.

5. If you need to share your data via a file sharing application, select ALL folder contents, right-click and select “Send to…” from the drop-down menu. Then select “Compressed Zipped Folder” to send your data to a compressed zip file.


Important note: Do not rename files, change folder structure, add files, sort, or otherwise meddle with your Glasses 2 data sets! Changes in folder structure and renaming of files/folders can cause corruption of data!