How can I get eye images from Tobii Pro Glasses 2?

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You can obtain the live or recorded eye images from Tobii Pro Glasses 2. The eye images feature is only available for firmware version 1.20.2 or higher. Make sure that you are using the correct firmware version.
Save the eye images on the recording unit's SD card
Before changing the settings for eye images, make sure that you have access to the latest version of Tobii Pro Lab, otherwise you will not be able to import recordings done with the eye images saved.
  1. Start with the set of Pro Glasses 2 that you intend to save eye images with and connect them to your computer.
  2. Send a HTTP POST request to http://<IP-address>/api/system/conf, where the <IP-address> represents the IPv4 address of the recording unit (by default, it is when connected through wifi). The content of the HTTP request is of JSON format and should look like this: {"sys_store_eyesstream":"true"}.
  3. Make a recording using the Tobii Pro Glasses Controller.
  4. The recorded eye images are stored in the eyesstream.mp4 file on the SD card under the recording folder: /projects/<project-ID>/recordings/<recording-ID>/segments/<segment-number>/.
You can deactivate that feature by sending a HTTP request in step 2 with the content: {"sys_store_eyesstream":"false"}.

Get the live eye images stream
Check out our FAQ entitled "How can I stream scene camera video and eye images from Tobii Pro Glasses 2 using RTSP?".