How can I flash my Tobii Pro Glasses 2 firmware?

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In unforeseen circumstances, Tobii Pro Glasses 2 might become unresponsive. Here, you will find instructions on how to flash the recording unit to reset it to factory settings. Prior to these steps, make sure that the latest version of the Tobii Pro Glasses Controller software is installed on your computer and that you have access to hidden files on your computer (if not, check this Microsoft Article).

1. Insert the SD card into your computer, and back up any data you may have on the card.
2. Fully format your SD card.
3. Go to "C:\ProgramData\Tobii\Glasses2\Firmware\<version>" (where <version> corresponds to the latest available firmware version). Put the file with the extension .full.tg2 onto the SD card.
4. Connect the Pro Glasses 2 head unit to the recording unit.
5. Insert a fully-charged battery into the recording unit (as well as the SD card with the .full.tg2 file). Start the recording unit.
6. The LEDs will be green in the beginning and start flashing red/orange in a sequence. Wait until the LEDs are no longer flashing in a sequence (the SD card LED is usually solid green). This process takes about 1‐2 minutes.
7. Switch off the recording unit. To do that, hold the power button until all of the LEDs turn off (usually about 10 seconds).
8. Remove the SD card.
9. Insert the SD card into your PC.
10. Format the SD card again.
11. Insert the SD card into your recording unit. It is now ready to use.