How can I activate and deactivate my license key in Tobii Pro Studio?

Step-by-step on de/activating Studio

An internet connection is required for activation and deactivation of Tobii Pro Studio.

To activate Tobii Pro Studio after installation:

  1. Double click on the Tobii Pro Studio icon on your desktop
  2. When prompted enter your license key and some additional information.
  3. Press "Activate now"
To activate Tobii Pro Studio from the Trial version:
  1. Open the Help menu in Tobii Pro Studio
  2. Go to About Tobii Studio.
  3. Enter your license key and additional details key to activate Tobii ProStudio.
To deactivate Tobii Pro Studio:
  1. Open the Help menu
  2. Go to Deactivate license
  3. Click on Yes when prompted



In case the license server cannot be reached, please refer to Which ports should be open in the firewall to use Tobii Pro Software?