Can my participant wear prescription glasses with the Tobii Pro VR Integration?

VR Integration Tobii Pro
a.    Yes, if they can fit them into the Vive headset. If they fit, they should be worn during calibration. When wearing glasses it might be necessary to adjust the lens to eyes ratio. This can be done pulling out and twisting the knobs on the side of the Vive headset. This will decrease the field of view a bit, but can give more space for the glasses to fit.
b.    If calibration fails it can be that the prescription glasses are too strong, or bifocal. Eye tracking can also be problematic with certain eye conditions or corrective lenses.
c.    If the participant's glasses are too big to fit into the Vive headset, you can try without them. It is then possible to adjust the lens to eyes ratio which can improve the focus point for the user.
d.    Make sure to readjust the lens to eyes ratio for the next participant as increasing it will decrease the field of view in the headset.