Tobii Pro Tech Topics

Prepare to return to conducting eye tracking research. 

Watch these short videos to refresh & retrain yourself and your colleagues as you return to conducting eye tracking research. These brief, step-by-step tutorials will help you optimize the tools needed to collect eye tracking data. If at any time you run into questions that require additional information, please contact our technical support team through our Tobii Pro Connect portal.

PC Maintenance & Optimization

Learn how to maintain your system and optimize your windows computer to run Tobii Pro software.

Tobii Pro Lab Project Management

Review proper file management in Tobii Pro Lab to minimize file corruption and potential data loss.

How to Configure Screen-Based Eye Trackers

Proper configuration enables the eye tracker to identify the relative location of the screen in order to map the gaze points accordingly.

How to Manage Tobii Pro Lab License Key

Entering new keys may be necessary when renewing your license. This video directs you to where these keys can be updated.