Switch to Tobii Pro Lab from iMotions software

Due to the acquisition of iMotions by a competing vendor of eye tracking, iMotions software will no longer support Tobii hardware. As a user of their software, we want your research to continue without a hitch. To help, we’ll be offering our eye tracking Tobii Pro Lab for free, plus an onboarding and consultancy package to help you make the transition*.

Ensuring your research is supported and future proof is our highest priority. Reach out to us and we’ll get you on your way with eye tracking software you can rely on.

*Evidence of iMotions software purchase required


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This offer applies to users of Tobii eye tracking hardware in conjunction with iMotions software. We have additional offers for users of other eye tracking hardware platforms.

Valid until 31st March 2022.


Q: I use eye tracking with other sensors like EEG, GSR, or other biometrics. Will I still be able to do that?

A: Yes, we offer a range of solutions for co-registration of eye tracking and other biometric measures. Please reach out and we’ll be able to help.

Q: I have old/other hardware, what do I do?

A: Pro Lab supports the following discontinued eye trackers: Glasses 2, X3-120, (USB+EPU), TX300, X2-30, X2-60, T60XL. T60/120, X60/120. If you have any other hardware from Tobii or other manufacturers, please contact us and we will help.

Q: I do not have iMotions software, why can’t I get this offer?

A: Since iMotions software no longer supports Tobii hardware, we think it’s fair to offer an alternative to those that have invested in our eye trackers. We do however have plenty of other competitively priced packages to offer, so feel free to contact our sales team regardless.

Q: I need to continue with iMotions software to complete my research, can I do that? 

A: Yes, support for Tobii hardware will be removed from future versions of iMotion software but version 9.0 and earlier will continue to be supported.

Q: I do research with iMotions software today, can I change software/hardware during my research?

A: We would always recommend completing your research with the same hardware and software you began your data collection with. Changes in accuracy, precision, and timing could all affect your data which may damage your conclusions. If you have a project within iMotions, you can continue to complete your research on the current software version and then move all your new experiments to Tobii Pro Lab.

Q: Does all this mean that Tobii will be ending more collaborations in future?

A: No, collaboration is in our DNA. At Tobii we’ve built an extensive network of partners, including different software providers, whose solutions are compatible with our hardware. This is a partner eco-system strategy that we have pursued for many years and that we continue to believe and invest in.

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