Consumer shopping for products
consumer looking at products with eye tracking glasses

Understanding consumer behavior

It’s a hostile climate for retail... and it isn’t getting easier

With retail competition as fierce as ever, businesses know that a 1% improvement means huge gains. From raw sales to market share or even production cost and efficiency, a small change can make-or-break your brand. Understanding consumer behavior in order to gain a new kind of competitive edge is an essential step in making powerful industry advances for years to come.

Economic and technological changes leave retailers in an unfamiliar landscape: while costs keep rising, wages are stagnant, therefore shoppers are becoming savvier. Consumer reports show that retailers are more conscious of their wallets.

Attitudes are changing with the times, so shopper decision-making processes are becoming increasingly complex.

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About Tobii Pro

Tobii Pro is the world’s leading partner of eye tracking and analytics services for consumer research. We help our partners understand human behavior at its most natural. With essential eye tracking insights, we enable professionals to drive change and increase ROI.

We offer flexible hardware and software packages for all types of research initiatives. Whether it’s a screen-based eye tracker, wearable glasses or even Virtual Reality integration; our complete eye tracking solutions are available for purchase or rental.

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