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Seeing through the eyes of consumers

How eye tracking makes new objective insights possible

A virtual demonstration with live Q&A
September 20th at 1pm EST

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What's in it for you?

As a marketing researcher, you have no time to waste when trying to understand consumer behavior. You need reliable tools that provide concrete answers, not lengthy trial and error processes. 

Get real data-driven insights with eye tracking to quantify exactly what, where, and how consumers are paying attention to [insert your marketing mission here]. Yes, basically anything you’re trying to research, eye tracking can help.

Join this virtual demonstration to get an overview of how you can apply this technology to optimize packaging design, advertisements, shopper experience, UX interfaces, and more. There will also be a live Q&A where you can ask your most pressing questions to a Tobii expert. 

Take the first step and sign up here. You’ll thank us later when you are bringing groundbreaking revelations back to your team without ever having to guesstimate consumer behavior again.

Meet your host:

Keith Bartels is the Senior Manager for the marketing research and usability team at Tobii North America. Mr. Bartels has over 7 years of experience within eye tracking across a range of different commercial fields.

His expertise is in wearable eye tracking, focusing on mobile device UX, shopper research, and driver experience testing.


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