Shopper research

Understanding Attention Through Implicit Research

How Eye Tracking Reveals the Consumer Journey

Recent tech innovations have taken eye tracking out of the lab into the real and virtual worlds. This unobtrusive research tool and implicit method is enabling marketing researchers to understand subconscious behavior and measure the true customer experience in almost any situation. In this session Erik Siwkowski, senior researcher at Tobii Pro, discussed how eye tracking is used and the unique insight it delivers to businesses - helping them convert attention to sales.

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About Tobii Pro

Tobii Pro is a business unit within Tobii Group, the world leader in eye tracking. We help businesses gain unparalleled insights into human behavior with eye tracking solutions and research services. Ever since the start of the company in 2001, our mission has been to make eye tracking as accessible as possible and to make eye tracking easy to use for everyone.


Make better business-critical decisions by seeing through the eyes of your customers and audience.


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