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Optimizing your Digital Advertising


Retailers in the US will spend close to $6 billion on digital ads dedicated purely to the four-day national shopping spree between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How do you know your online ad will not fade into the background with the thousands of others that consumers will see? 

Luckily, eye tracking technology offers a solution. It allows you to understand the visual attention of your customers and gain unparalleled insights into which ads catch their eye, and which go unseen.

Our expert Tobii Pro Insight team conducted a study to find out which ads perform best based on a variety of different factors. 

Find answers to questions like:

  • Are video ads more engaging than static image ads?
  • What impact does celebrity endorsement have on an ad's visibility?
  • Does prominent "Sale" messaging draw more attention to your ad?
  • Which discount approach has the best conversion rate?
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Are you interested in learning more about optimizing your digital advertising with our eye tracking solutions?