testing a baby with an eye tracker

Introducing Tobii Pro Fusion

components of Tobii Pro Fusion eye tracker

Powerful research tool

  • Stereoscopic system with dual eye tracking cameras
    High quality gaze and pupil data even during head movements
  • Sampling rate up to 250 Hz
    Ideal for both fixation- and saccade-based studies
  • Both bright and dark pupil illuminators
    Superior tracking robustness regardless of eye shapes, ethnicity or age

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testing child in school with eye tracker

Reduce your research barriers

  • Fully portable
    Take your research to new places, ask new questions and collect data from participants previously hard to reach
  • Ultra-light with USB connectivity
    Connects easily to your laptop, is 374 mm x 18 mm x 13.7 mm in size and only weighs 168 grams
  • Tobii Pro Lab
    Design your study, record and analyze your data using this comprehensive software analysis tool


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“You want to collect the data in an environment where children feel most comfortable while trusting that you return to the lab with accurate data to answer you research questions. I’m excited to incorporate Tobii Pro Fusion to our research toolbox and see how it can help us take our research even further”

Julian Schmitz, Professor at the Leipzig Research Center for Early Child Development, University of Leipzig

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