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Harness the power of eye tracking to reveal hidden user behaviors with Tobii Pro Sprint user testing tool.

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Made for: Google Chrome & Mac OS
UX testing with an eye tracker

Ux testing eye tracking

Actionable Insights. Fast.

It has never been easier to add the power of eye tracking to your UX arsenal. Quick, agile testing offers immediate feedback and fits into your existing workflow. This is key to delivering an experience that resonates with your users.

Ux testing eye tracking

Engage Stakeholders

Build a shared understanding of what needs to be improved by inviting team members and decision makers to view live sessions. Keep everyone on the same page and accelerate the decision-making process.

Ux testing eye tracking

Support Decisions with Evidence

Download and share session recordings to concretely illustrate areas for improvement in your product or service. This helps to get buy in from stakeholders and team members and streamlines the design process.

Tobii Pro Sprint is an essential part of H&M's comprehensive, qualitative testing practices. Sharing the objective insights in session recordings allows us to quickly convince team members and stakeholders of needed design decisions that have previously been challenging to prove

Liang Hiah, UX Lead, H&M

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