Tobii Pro VR Analytics

Software tool enabling eye tracking data collection and analysis from 3D virtual environments. It integrates into new or existing Unity assets and provides instant access to analytics and visualization outputs from eye tracking, navigation, and interaction data.

Objective insights for better business decisions

With Tobii Pro VR Analytics, at the push of a button, you gain a better understanding of how users interact with your products and environments, as well as how their attention is distributed between different elements, all while they are fully immersed in VR. Working with the actual eye movements of participants, Pro VR Analytics provides eye tracking metrics and automated visualizations that are easy to understand and interpret.

With our analysis tool, brand owners and retailers can now spot what influences consumers' behavior and decision-making processes at every step of the shopping journey. Designers can test and get feedback on their products and designs before they go to market. In complex and risky environments like medical, aviation, or industrial settings, understanding attention and visual skills will enable more safe and efficient training.


Instant access to behavioral data

With Pro VR Analytics, you do not have to wait for results: eye tracking metrics, interaction measures, gaze replay, and visualizations are available immediately after the recording is finished for all objects in the project. These straightforward and actionable outputs enable the qualitative and quantitative analysis of subconscious responses and behaviors.

Tobii Pro VR Analytics for eye tracking studies in virtual 3D environments

“Tobii Pro VR Analytics is a powerful tool that brings evidence to the design process and helps us to better understand how people navigate around a space. With the flexible visualizations options available, we can demonstrate users’ behavior to others in the design team. ”

David Watts, Managing Director CCD Design & Ergonomics
Tobii Pro VR Analytics is used for consumer journey testing with eye tracking in VR environments

Built on expert eye tracking

Pro VR Analytics is designed to work with actual eye movement data. It is enabled by the Tobii Pro VR Integration, Tobii's eye tracking-integrated HTC Vive headset, which is capable of tracking a large majority of the population. By bringing our core competencies and unique eye tracking features into this VR solution, we ensure reliable, high-quality eye tracking data for every project.

Leverage your existing VR investments

Our software tool is not locked to a specific platform, and it does not require any costly migrations. Supporting most Unity VR environments, Pro VR Analytics easily integrates into your existing or new Unity VR asset. It transforms all elements into Objects of Interest that are easily tracked. You can run your project as you normally do while collecting eye tracking data and generating visuals.

Tobii Pro VR Analytics for eye tracking studies in virtual 3D environments


Understand behavior from multiple angles

Simulation recordings can be observed live on a laptop screen or recorded and replayed later in the software tool. You can choose to play back the recording from a first- or third-person perspective, get multiple camera views, or use the picture-in-picture (PIP) dual-replay view. Pro VR Analytics also allows you to replay multiple participant recordings all at once, which unveils the behavioral differences among participants.

Tobii Pro VR Analytics is used for consumer journey testing with eye tracking in VR environments
Tobii Pro VR Analytics visualizations options

More options and control over visualizations

Visualizations are generated for all objects in the environment, can be viewed for individual or multiple participants, and include:

  • Heat maps and opacity maps, which show how attention is distributed between objects and how much time was spent on each item
  • Color-coded gaze vectors that reveal a person's line of sight to the target in 3D, helping you understand the focus of attention
  • Each participant's journey path is color-coded to show how participants travel inside of VR and can be used to analyze movement data for navigation and wayfinding applications

Eye tracking data analysis

Eye tracking metrics are calculated automatically and are available for all the objects in the environment. The metrics include:

  • Fixations count - what objects were seen?
  • Total and average duration of fixation - how long were the objects seen?
  • Time to First Fixation - how long did it take them to see it the first time?
Tobii Pro VR Analytics for eye tracking studies in virtual 3D environments

Interaction data analysis

Based on eye tracking measurements, as well as interaction capabilities in Unity, Pro VR Analytics allows for interaction data analysis based on the following measurements:

  • Pickups count - the first interaction made with an object
  • Time to First Pickup - how long did it take to first interact with an object?
  • Hold Time (total duration) - how long the interaction lasted
  • Fixation to Pickup - the time from the first fixation on the object to the interaction with it

All of the eye tracking and integration statistics are available in real time in the software and are shown for each participant or aggregated for multiple participants.


Integration service

We also offer a service for integrating Tobii Pro VR Analytics into one of your Unity environments. When you send in your environment, our team integrates the analysis tool for you. You will receive an executable file back that is ready for data collection. This offering is ideal if you want to perform eye tracking analysis on a single Unity environment for a project.

Learn and Support

Tobii Pro VR Analytics is used for consumer journey testing with eye tracking in VR environments

Why you can’t afford to ignore VR analytics

This blog post talks about how instant access to visualizations from eye tracking, interaction and navigation measurements collected from 3D VR environments can help you better train your staff, engage with your customers or optimize the design of your next project. 자세히 보기

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