Tobii Pro Glasses 2 hardware editions

We offer a variety of hardware editions of Tobii Pro Glasses 2 that are optimized for specific use cases, allowing you to run eye tracking studies in research contexts that were not previously possible.

Helmet edition

Modified to fit under most head protection solutions, the Pro Glasses 2 Helmet edition allows for data collection in many industrial working environments. These include fields like construction, mining, power, and forestry, where the risk of head injury to workers is constantly present. This version also works well for helmeted sports such as ice hockey, baseball, American football, as well as car and motorbike racing. Lightweight with a compact design, the Helmet edition provides tools for professional training and performance assessment without compromising with safety or taking individuals out of their workplace or sport training.

Integration edition

Without losing the vital parts for functionality, the Integration edition of Pro Glasses 2 seamlessly fits into advanced helmet systems and face protection systems with pre-made mounting interfaces and an adjustable flex cable. Aviation and other highly specialized jobs can leverage this Integration edition for their head gear in both training and real-world scenarios.

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