Tobii Pro X2-30 Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide.

FAQ Tobii Pro X2-30

Follow this troubleshooting guide to investigate and remedy connection issues with you Tobii Pro X2-30 eye tracker. 


So you’ve got a Tobii X2 Eye Tracker and are ready to start gathering data, but unfortunately something in your set up is not quite right, meaning your eye tracker is not connecting correctly with your computer. Here is a checklist of common errors that can cause connectivity issues; run through these checks and you should resolve whatever issue is causing you problems.

Check 1

First make sure that the Eye tracker is not connected through a USB extension cable, these can slow down data rate and cause connectivity issues, if your Tobii Eye Tracker is connected through an extension cable, please remove the extension and connect the Eye Tracker directly to the computer.


If you have an X2-60 please ensure that the Eye Tracker is directly plugged into the “External Processing Unit” directly through USB, that the “External Processing Unit” is powered and the Ethernet cable is connected to the “External Processing Unit” at one end and the computer at the other.

Check 2

Now let’s make sure your eye tracker connected to a USB 2.0 port (USB 3.0 ports may cause connectivity problems), if you are unsure which of your ports are USB 2.0, below are the symbols of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, look for a port with the correct USB symbol:

Check 3

Check 3

You may be using a Trendnet LAN to USB adapter supplied by Tobii to connect your Eye Tracker, although Tobii supplies these adapters, we would prefer that you try not to use adapters at all and use the original cable type where possible. If you do need to use a LAN to USB adapter, we recommend that you plug your internet into the adapter and plug the eye tracker into the ethernet port, if you are using an adapter, please remove it and connect the eye tracker using the original cable types to check if there is an issue.

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