Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Studio Recommended System Configuration

Tobii Pro Lab Peripheral Tobii Pro
A system with recommended specifications
A system with recommended specifications is sufficient to run and analyze most types of experiments with good performance. Please note that certain operations, such as calculating metrics and statistics for large projects, encoding exported videos of recordings and running Real-world Mapping can still take a significant time to perform.
ComponentRequired specificationImportant notes
CPUIntel Quad Core i5 3.0 GHz6th generation or later
Hard diskSSD256 GB or more is recommended
Graphics cardDedicated Nvidia card 
Monitor1920 x 1080 resolutionDVI, HDMI or DisplayPort connector
Operating systemWindows 1064 bit, Enterprise or Professionnal

Note that the performance of the application in general and the stimulus presentation timing in particular is affected by the number and resolution of the media and the overall performance of the computer used to run the experiment. Please refer to the Timing Guide for Stimulus Display in Tobii Pro Lab and the Timing Guide for Tobii Eye Trackers and Eye Tracking

General recommendations
• Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Studio are made for research purposes. They rely on tight control of the operating system and hardware components for optimal stimulus presentation and sensor recording. Because of this we strongly recommend that you keep the research computer clean of third party applications that run as background processes.
• Codec packs can interfere with Tobii Pro Lab and Tobii Pro Studio. Only install the specific video and audio codecs supported by the software and needed for your experiments.
• Make sure that the energy saving options of your machine do not slow down the processor and other sub-systems to save power or battery life. This is extra important for laptops running on battery power.
• To avoid interference from other machines on the same network, use a direct connection between your computer and the Tobii Eye Tracker. For more information on how to connect the computer and the Tobii Eye Trackers read the section entitled “Connecting your Tobii Eye Tracker” in your Eye Tracker User Manual.
• Don’t run your study at excessive screen resolutions, choose something reasonable for your purpose.
• Set Windows 8.1, Windows 7 or Windows 10 appearance and power options to “high performance”.
• Running two displays simultaneously (Dual-display) requires more graphic card RAM and processor resources in your graphics card, plus some additional management overhead in the graphics driver. This can cause lower graphics performance.
• For dual screen setups with the Tobii T60XL, a wide screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution is recommended.
• Disabling or disconnecting unused Bluetooth, WLAN/Wireless and network connectors and unloading CD or DVD disk drives can improve performance and limit connectivity issues.

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