How can I stream scene camera video and eye images from Tobii Pro Glasses 2 using RTSP?

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RTSP enables you to stream the scene camera video or the eye images from Tobii Pro Glasses 2. This feature is only available for firmware version 1.20.2 or higher. Make sure that you are using the correct firmware version.
Get the live streams
A simple way to visualize the live streams is to use VLC. Follow these steps:
  1. Install VLC on your computer.
  2. Connect the set of Pro Glasses 2 to your computer.
  3. Start VLC and change the stream transport protocol: open Tools -> Preferences -> Input / Codecs. In Input / Codecs, change the "Live555 stream transport" option from "HTTP "(default) to "RTP over RTSP (TCP)," and then click Save.
  4. Start the stream playback in VLC: open Media -> Open Network Stream -> Network.
  5. Enter the URL rtsp://<IPaddress>:8554/live/scene for the scene camera video or rtsp://<IPaddress>:8554/live/eyes for eye images, and press "Play." <IPaddress> represents the IPv4 address of the recording unit (by default when connected through Wi-Fi).
Develop your own application using the live streams
You will need to add an RTSP Client to your application. The RTSP Client will manage the reception of the RTSP stream for different media types (the Pro Glasses 2 use H.264).
Check out the following library (used by VLC): LIVE555.