Professional Performance

Tobii Pro Insight enables you to see your business through the eyes of your employees, providing an understanding of their cognitive workload, situational awareness, visual skills, and the environment and processes they work in. The objective behavioral data can help you to improve efficiency, productivity and safety in your workplace.

Skill transfer

Understand and quantify tacit knowledge within experienced employees and transfer best practices to new hires.


Identify risks and underlying causes of human errors and develop predictive models for preventing accidents.

Quality assurance

Evaluate your existing quality assurance procedures, visual inspections, protocols and guidelines. 


Shorten and improve learning processes by observing behaviors and gaze patterns of professionals.


Reveal whether the work environment is optimized for the functions being performed there and improve productivity.

Improving safety and situational awareness at construction sites

Human error is responsible for 80 percent of all accidents in the workplace. At the same time, workers need to interact with more advanced digital machinery and handle an increased amount of information – major reasons why eye tracking has become an important tool for optimizing work environments.

Tobii Pro Insight can be your agile research partner, with the tools and expertise to bring you the insights you need to improve your employees’ hazard identification skills and make training more effective.

Watch this video to see how the University of Nebraska used eye tracking to investigate the causes of human error on construction sites.

Performance assessment in an air traffic control room

The cognitive processes behind problem solving and decision making are highly complex for industries where visual skills are imperative, Tobii Pro Insight can help you better understand the visual strategy behind your team's performance and systematically evaluate it.

The individual skills of your best and most experienced employees can be turned into assets for your company knowledge base in order to be transferred to new and future employees.

The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration uses eye tracking as a training and quality assurance tool for air traffic controllers. 

Airport Control Case Image
Car Manufacturer Case Image

Improving quality and cutting training time

For car manufacturers, having efficient processes on the production line is the key to running a successful operation. In order to improve quality and reduce costs, a multinational automotive manufacturer wanted to shorten the time it takes to train new employees who are responsible for the visual inspection of the finished product.

Tobii Pro Insight conducted several eye tracking studies to identify the optimal search pattern of the more experienced employees. These visual skills were reported quantitatively, and the results are being used in development of new standards for the company. The training time for new employees has been cut from six to four weeks. 

“The average training time is one full week, and we hope these study results and video will save us two days per employee. Ideally, this would save us about 400 hours of training time per year in that department.”

Jacob Hammill, Systems Management at H&H Castings

Professional Performance Solution Package

To help you get started using eye tracking to improve productivity, efficiency and safety, we’ve put together a package which will guide you through your first eye tracking study and deliver results you can use.

This package includes what you need to get started

  • A pilot eye tracking study conducted by the Tobii Pro Insight research consultancy team on one process within your workplace.
  • The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Live View Wireless package, which includes:
    • Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Wireless Eye Tracker (50 Hz)
    • Tobii Pro Glasses Controller Software
  • Online Training on how to use the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 eye tracker.

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